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 Madame Mara been reading palms, tarot cards, and auras for twenty-six years. A tarot card reading is like an act of discovery, with information about new directions, and healing. Palm readings follow the blueprint for your personality. Lady of the palm goes to the sacred chamber of the great pyramid at Giza to gleam messages for clients.   

 For your event, Madame Mara, will arrive in glorious purple and gold. She will thoroughly entertain your guests with information about there personality through reading palms, answering their questions with tarot cards, and providing upbeat and positive messages about money, health, and relationships.    Madame Mara got started on this path of psychic development, this is her story. It was twenty-five years ago when Lady of the Palms was thoroughly flummoxed by her messy handwriting. She was in the library and taken with a sense of discovery by the many books on palmistry, dream interpretation and psychic development. In that same library, there was a notice for a handwriting analysis meeting which she attended. This exploration revealed the underlying causes of the "messy" handwriting and started the journey of psychic development. That seed put her on the path to discovering new things about herself and others. Ever since that time, she has been reading palms and tarot cards: and conducting meditations in light.   


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