My Palmistry Story


Find out about Yourself

How many relationships will have before marriage

How does your mind figure things out

The timing of events in your life

How is you life force, energy dealing with everyday life

Are you independent or do you go with the group

Are you an intellectual or practical 


My Fascination in Palmistry Started...

 Palmistry Dream;

How one little statement can change your life. I was modeling for an art class in 1983, the lesson focused on drawing hands. I put my hands across the top of chair and one of the students who was a mother said,  You have no knuckles so your hands have not grown into adulthood and maturity. I thought to myself, I use my hands regularly and they have not failed me. I did not say anything. I thought to myself I will research my type of hands and why I have no developed knuckles.

Over the years I studied, palmistry, tarot cards, meditating in light, and solving why my life turned out like it is. I met another palmist and we decided to trade services.I made an angel outfit for his wife in exchange for palm reading classes. After the class I read more books on palmistry. As modeled for art classes I began to look at all of the hand types and could not keep eyes of the hands so that I could analyze the four types,  of hands earth, air, water, and fire, mentioned in the books. 

Then I began to have dreams of hands with lines that were large as life. In the last dream  I was walking up to my old high school in the evening. As I was leaving and it was dark a woman came screaming after me. I was startled and stood still to see what she wanted I read her palm and everything was okay. 


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