Bead Parties


Earring Inspirations

 Lesson 1:    

What is your style of bead? A thousand flowers,  Mother of Pearl, Stone,  Natural, Austrian  Crystal,   Lampwork  Glass,    Ethnic, Wood, Unusual
 Lesson 2: 

  How long do like  your earrings?
 Short - under the ear   Every Day Style
 Medium - Every Day Style Using  More Color
 Long – Elegant designed using  Color and Shape  

 Lesson 3:  

  What colors do you like?
 Delicate: Soft to Match Skin Tones, do you like one color or two colors.

 Bright, bold, complimentary, opposites that create excitement.  Beads that match the fabric in your closet.
 Lesson 4:    
  What bead shape do you like?
 The shape of the bead is a factor in design and appeal of the earrings.
 Square, Rectangle, Square,   Coin, Tube, Diamond, Triangle, Bicone,Teardrop.

 Lesson 5:   
  How much do you want to spend ?
 $3  $4  $5 $10  $15  $20 


Add color In your Life

Life is to short You need everyday beauty. Beads provide shape, color and decorative images.

I love color and shapes in artwork  so I transferred my artistic  Interests to beads.

I love earrings but found that I wanted to make changes to the ones that I purchased. 

Then I bought too many beads and need to share them with more people

 I came up with the idea of having people design their own  earrings.

When I make earrings for sale  it is hard to know what each person likes.

That is why I started doing bead parties.


Available for Bead Parties

Host a Party.

Look through my vast collections of beads.

Figure out what colors, shapes and length, match your personality and wardrobe.

I make the earrings at the party.

You can decide if  want to make changes in the style to fit your facial characteristics.

You decide on the price and how many earrings you will need.